A change of pace

The past week has been filled with lots of changes and signalled many new beginnings for our family – Luka had his first week of Prep and full time school, Mila started 2 days per week of pre-Kinder, and I started back at school as well!

When Luka was born we made the decision as a family that I would take a few years off from my teaching career, at least until our children were starting school. Having a business gave us the flexibility to do so, and it has been a time I have absolutely cherished. Not without its challenges, for sure, but for the most part I have loved being home with my two little squirrels. 

The time has come however, for me to start thinking about heading back into teaching. I had been missing the classroom and the challenges of teaching in early childhood, and I knew it was time to ease back into things. Helping to make this decision was an offer from a previous principal of mine to teach Prep two days a week for the following school year – an offer simply too good to refuse!

I always knew the logistics of two school drop offs plus Rich and I both getting to work on time would be difficult, and it’s fair to say that this week it definitely was! It’s been hectic, stressful and at times fraught with emotion but I’m happy to report that we got through it all relatively unscathed. And what’s more, I think we quite enjoyed the challenge of it.  And I know that as the weeks progress we will settle into our new routine and things will become just that little bit easier as we adjust to our new normal.

As I was rushing about school earlier this week trying to get a few last minute things organised, a senior colleague with many years of teaching experience under her belt said to me “remember to be kind to yourself”. At the time I just kind of dismissed it as I was so busy and focused on what I was doing, but since then I’ve had time to reflect on her comment a little. And I’ve come to realise, that I simply cannot do it all. A statement which seems so simple, but for a perfectionist like me, is so incredibly difficult. 

So this year marks a bit of a change of pace – particularly for Brother Fox. Whilst I will definitely continue blogging (writing is my true love, if I’m honest), the Brother Fox Store will unfortunately have to be put on hold.  For the sake of my sanity, and the sanity of those around me, realising that I simply cannot fit it all in at the moment is what “being kind to myself” looks like.

Melissa xx